December 9, 2017

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May 1, 2017

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20 Reasons Why I Quit The Church, Not God

September 11, 2016


On August 16, 2016, I submitted to my pastor my letter of withdrawal from the membership of Contee African Methodist Episcopal (AME) Zion Church and the entire AME Zion Church denomination.  


I stated in my letter that, "it is in the best interest of my personal and spiritual growth that I resign my membership from this prestigious denomination," indicating that "this decision is based on my personal growth, which has taken me beyond the limitations of modern-day Christianity." Contee will always have a permanent place in my heart and you will always be a part of my family.  


There are 20 reasons why I quit the church, not God:


  1. I have grown beyond the limitations of Christianity!

  2. The Church is Fear-based, not Love-based!

  3. The Church supports Sexism in that it suppresses, vilifies and demeans women.

  4. Ministers have become more important than the people!

  5. The Church does not follow the teachings of Jesus, but instead the teachings of Paul, which contradicts Jesus!

  6. The Church fails to acknowledge that its theology is nothing more than stolen and plagiarized African mythology and history!

  7. The Church has compromised its principles by remaining silent on social and political issues of the day.

  8. The theology of the Church is rooted in the cultural superiority of Europe over people of color, i.e., Racism!

  9. The Church is impotent when it comes to helping change the conditions of the poor.

  10. The Church continues to propagate the lie that Jesus was White!

  11. The Church is not needed for me to gain a greater connection with God.

  12. The Church does not teach its members how to think, but what to think.

  13. The Black Church was silent when liberation movements in African, Asia, Latin American and Caribbean were overthrown by the U.S. Government.

  14. The Church does not acknowledge or explain how and why Christmas and Easter were both celebrated thousands of years before the birth and death of Jesus!

  15. Many Ministers that I know do not preach what they really believe, but what they want their members to know.

  16. The Church supports Capitalism and Zionism!

  17. The Church supports the continued exploitation of Africa and other undeveloped nations.

  18. Jesus was never a Christian, nor was he organizing a Church.  He was organizing a movement against oppression!

  19. The theology of the Church is an extension of Neo-Colonialism led by the United States and Europe!

  20. The Church does not represent Peace, but war through its support of the U.S. Military Industrial Police Complex, which spends more money on weapons than it does on social programs!



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