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Devin L. Walker is a Human Rights and Pan-African organizer, musician, author, and Equal Opportunity professional.  His entire adult life has been dedicated to the eradication of the exploitation of human beings by human beings.  He walked in the rich tradition of the Social Gospel and Liberation Theology while as an active member of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, where he held several positions to include the Director of Youth and Young Adults at Contee AME Zion Church in Washington, DC, and Chairperson of the Social/Political Action Committee for the Mid Atlantic II Region Lay Council.


In 1990, at the age of 23, Devin protested the church's silence around social and political issues at the AME Zion Church’s Washington District Conference, presided by the late Presiding Prelate J. Clinton Hoggard, whom both commended Devin for speaking out and then challenged him to provide solutions to the problems he so eloquently described.  Devin ultimately submitted a thorough 32-page research document entitled, “The Silence That Kills,” which led to his publication, "The Kemit Report," a monthly research newsletter geared toward establishing the reality of world events within the Church. Devin was the sole researcher, writer, and editor for the Kemit Report, which at its height attracted subscribers from throughout the United States and beyond, including a subscription from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 


Over 90 pre-internet hours of research went into each newsletter that produced eight separate publications in two years.  Devin has since authored two books, based upon the eight newsletters, to resurrect the true social revolutionary nature of the church; “An Appeal to the African Church in America: Beware of False Profit$” and “The Way of the Gentiles.”


Devin’s college experiences is where he developed his revolutionary passion and love for Africa and her people home and abroad, earning a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Political Science from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in 1988.  He was President of the Black Student Union and led a student sit-in as a member of the Coalition Against Injustice to protest acts of racism on the campus.


A founding member of the Pan-African Liberation Organization (1990-2006), Devin has traveled to Cuba, Panama, Venezuela and Puerto Rico, organizing in solidarity with different oppressed people, as well as working with different organizations in Azania (South Africa), Guinea, Eritrea, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Ireland, El Salvador, India, and the United States. He also has worked in solidarity with the American Indian Movement - International Indian Treaty Council; served as the National Spokesperson for the National Youth Organizing Committee for the Million Man March; was the co-founder of the People Before Profit Community Healthcare Project (; and launched the Blood-Stained Banner Campaign - an initiative to raise the awareness within the church of the millions of people killed and injured by the U.S. Military Industrial Intelligence Complex and its European allies.

In 2017, Devin started a Podcast entitled, "Evolved Beyond Christianity," which discusses the research that has taken him beyond the limitations of Christianity to a higher level of spirituality and activism. This Podcast is for the many people who have beliefs that are vastly different from the church or religious institution they currently or formerly attended, but are afraid to speak out for fear of isolation from their Church, family, or friends.  Many do not believe in any religion at all.   This discussion will provide you with historical information about the origins of religion that will help the listener understand that there are many paths to truth and enlightenment beyond religion and that it is perfectly fine to choose your own path toward this quest.


Professionally, Devin is the owner of Devin Walker Consultants (, which provides equal opportunity technical support to government agencies, private businesses, and union organizations, and helps them to transform conflict into positive outcomes. He has over 25 years of experience in all aspects of Equal Opportunity, including training, investigating, coaching and Alternative Dispute Resolution, and is a Certified Professional in Title VI and Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.


Additionally, Devin has gained national acclaim as a children’s music artist through The Uncle Devin Show® (, which is an interactive, musical experience for children that uses percussion instruments to cultivate their minds – a dynamic cross between Fat Albert and Schoolhouse Rock.

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