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Workshops & Seminars

1. African Origins of Christianity -

This workshop shows that before Christianity, there was African unity, which gave the world all of the major Western religions, including Christianity.  It will use biblical, historical and anthropological facts to 1) show the contributions Africa has and is making toward the advancement of humanity, 2) dispute the lies about Africa, 3) teach the art of critical thinking, 4) help participants understand their historic role towards the freedom of Africa, and 5) help advance the African Revolution! 

2. Race Matters - Diversity Training -

How accepting is your church and/or organization toward people of a different race, sex, class, culture, disability, or generation? This workshop helps participants understand and identify different stereotypes and biases that prevent ministries and organizations from reaching their true mission.  Participants will also learn how they think about themselves and others; how to speak and listen effectively to people with different backgrounds; become aware of changing demographics and other factors that require us to change the way we reach our goals, and learn steps to take to handle conflict.

3. The U.S. Prison Industrial Complex: Today's Legal Slavery -

This workshop explores the history of the prison industrial complex in the United States and why the U.S. has the largest prison population in the world (representing 25% of the world prison population).  It will also discuss the history of the 13th amendment to the U.S. Constitution, how legal slavery is still permitted in the U.S., and the role that inmates play toward the struggle for human rights and freedom.

4. Conflict Resolution Training! -

How do you resolve conflicts between family, friends, coworkers,  church members, and neighbors?  This workshop will help participants gain a clear understanding of what is a dispute or conflict, learn the causes for conflict, preventive measures to keep it from occurring and steps to resolve it once it has materialized.  Participants will also learn important communication skills necessary to resolve and prevent conflict!

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