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This Podcast will feature author and Pan-African organizer, Devin Walker, as he discusses the research that has taken him beyond the limitations of Christianity to a higher level of Spirituality and activism.  As the author of “An Appeal to The African Church in America: Beware of False Profit$” and “The Way of the Gentiles,” Devin will share his research and programs-of-action experience to help unify and organize those who are struggling with the modern-day religious landscape. 

This Podcast is for the many people who have beliefs that are vastly different from the church or religious institution they currently or formerly attended, but are afraid to speak out for fear of isolation from their Church, family or friends.  Many do not believe in any religion at all.   This discussion will provide you with historical information about the origins of religion that will help you understand that there are many paths to truth and enlightenment beyond religion and that it is perfectly fine to choose your own path toward this quest.

Our Podcast is hosted by Libsyn and can be viewed by clicking Here

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